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Galapagos Islands, Santa Cruz, Pto. Ayora., Ecuador

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Unique to our centre, is the incredible natural environment and the opportunity to interact with the unique flora and fauna and participate in sustainable development projects and environmental protection. Helping to educate the local population is an essential part of your course and you may even wish to volunteer on the islands once the course is complete. We have developed this project with the aim of creating a win/win for both our CELTA candidates as well as for the people of the local community.


1. What’s the accommodation like?

Accommodation, Anywhere in Puerto Ayora is in 10-20 minute walk from the main tourist street, and nearby are produce markets, bakeries and other convenience stores. The accommodation itself is great, it is more or less a house with locked en-suite rooms. There is a kitchen, with a fridge, stove, toaster and coffee maker.

Refund Policy


Please read and sign the following terms and conditions for your CELTA training course at Kamala

Education and Training on the Galapagos Islands. This must be returned with your application.

The full course fee is payable to ensure your reservation on the CELTA course for your selected dates. If

you notify the centre within 30 days of the start-date of the course that you will not be able to attend, a

refund will be provided minus a 10% administrative fee. Refunds will only be given when notice is

received after 30 days of the course start date if the centre is able to fill the space with another


Full attendance is mandatory to complete this intensive course. Candidates are expected to arrive on-

time for classes and be appropriately rested to participate fully in the day’s activities. If a candidate is

continually tardy they can be disqualified from the course, although two written warnings will be

provided by the course tutors prior to taking that measure.

There will be zero tolerance for harassment or violent speech/behavior within the classroom setting, or

to any member of staff including the course tutors. Candidates will be immediately disqualified from the

course if such a situation arises.

Assignment deadlines are fairly strict and the candidate will be given a fail grade unless they let the

course tutor know why the assignment will be late with an appropriate excuse. It is the course tutors

right to deny late assignments after a 24 hour period if the candidate has not approached the tutor with

a reason for the delay.

There will be zero tolerance for plagiarism within the written assignments. Any material deemed to be

plagiarized without providing a source within the document will result in a fail grade.

Candidates are expected to attend the whole course. CELTA is a course-based award and absence/non-

participation may jeopardise a candidates chances of successfully meeting the assessment criteria. In

the event of illness or other serious factors, a candidate may approach the course tutors to determine if

special arrangements can be made to make up the instructional hours missed. Kamala Education and

Training will allow such candidates to attend a future course free of cost, provided that space remains

on that course. Candidates will be responsible for any additional costs for accommodation, food, and

travel expenses that attending this make-up course would entail. Under exceptional circumstances, a

partial refund will be provided for the unattended sections of the course.

The candidate must also provide details of any special or medical condition that might require special

consideration before the registration process in complete.

We are committed to providing you with a quality experience and the centre administrative body will be

readily available to help address any concerns you may have. We are proud of the exceptional level of

Municipio de Santa


Kamala Education &



quality of our teacher trainers and staff with regard to conduct, experience, and professionalism.

Complaints which relate to the day-to- day delivery of the course and/or to areas such as refunds,

deferrals, facilities, behaviour of tutors, other course participants etc. can be dealt with initially under

the centre’s internal complaints procedure. If a candidate is not satisfied that issues have been resolved

through this procedure, they may request the “Cambridge English Teaching Qualifications complaints

form” that can be submitted within nine weeks to Cambridge ESOL. We are committed to working with

candidates to safeguard their full satisfaction of the course.

I have read and agree to the previous conditions:

Candidates Name ___________________________________

Candidates Signature ________________________________

Date ______________________________________________

Location Overview

Is it safe?
Galapagos Islands is very safe, far more so than any South American city or even cities in home countries.
You can walk anywhere at any time of day and night and
there is no visible crime issues on the streets. People are friendly and very welcoming; it is often acceptable to say hello to strangers on the street.

Restaurants, shops and service suggestions

Restaurants: food on Charles Darwin is pricey but a nice break from chicken, rice and bread. The street behind (kioskos) has many small restaurants with meals $2-$10.

You can buy a crate of beer from some kioskos at $25 for 12.

Galapagos Deli is up the road from the library and has affordable decent sandwiches and pizzas. It also has great Wifi.

For groceries, there is a produce market next door, and small convenience-type stores everywhere. Prices tend to be the same across all shops.

For laundry, Amadito up the road is reliable and is $1/kilo. Most are $1.50-2/kg.

For the bank, the one with the most reliable ATMs and less withdrawal fees is the Pichincha, the one with the big yellow sign 5 minutes up the main road away from
Charles Darwin. The others charge $5 withdrawal fees and have faulty ATMs.

Galapagos activities and tours

If you enquire for day trips there are often spots free the day before for cheaper prices. For Isla Isabela, a 2-day trip was around $200 and 3-day $270. It’s best to shop around and ask a few places for prices. Most have everything included.


 Sometimes the snorkels were dirty or faulty. You would get more out of the trip if you had your own.

 It’s worth bringing a waterproof camera - the animals aren’t afraid of people and look great in pictures.

 Most of the boat trips trigger motion sickness, especially the ferry to Island Isabela. Highly suggest taking motion sickness tablets, and preparing for a very nauseas 2-3hr boat trip.

 Sun burns a lot here, bring a full set of bathers and keep putting on sunscreen especially just before snorkelling.

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If you have questions, please first select a course from the list on the this page. You can always change course dates later.

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Av. Charles Darwin y 12 de Febrero, Barrio Central, Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz, Galapagos, ECUADOR

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