Education & Training International Ltd, Georgia

Education & Training International Ltd, Georgia

Tbilisi, Georgia

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9.5 / 10

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ETI is an internationally recognised Cambridge English teacher training centre for CELTA in Georgia. We've successfully trained many students and teachers since we first began running courses in Tbilisi in 1995. ETI has offices in Batumi and Kutaisi and a head office London. We offer full-time CELTA courses and usually invite highly qualified tutors from oversees.

Why Do CELTA With Us?
Wherever you take CELTA in the world, the qualification you obtain is exactly the same.
The differences lie in the experience during your course, and this is made up of numerous factors such as: the tutors, the premises, location, etc.

We at ETI Tbilisi aim to give you the best possible experience so you can gain the world’s most highly recognised initial teacher training qualification, whilst enjoying everything the beautiful city of Tbilisi can offer with its mild climate and cheap prices.
Tbilisi is a great destination, with a lot to offer in terms of culture, cuisine, friendly people and a safe, relaxed environment!

Help with Employment

CELTA will open a lot of “doors”. There are thousands of jobs being advertised every year all over the world.


As part of the application process, we will send a list of housing options to all candidates coming from outside Tbilisi.
Accommodation runs from $300 per month.
Some other indications of the cost of living:
Food: A meal in a reasonable restaurant near the school – is around $6. Eating out in the evening can be anything from $6-12 or more. Cooking in your accommodation is obviously much cheaper.
Transport: The metro and bus system (if you need to use it) is very cheap – 0.20 USD per journey on the bus and metro. Minibuses which are more frequent cost $0.80 per journey.
Other expenses: Allow around $20 a day on average, or around $560 for the month doing the course.

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In order to provide you with the best service possible, Education & Training International Ltd, Georgia needs to know a little about your specific situation. If you have questions, please first select a course from the list on the this page. You can always change course dates later.

School Address

4 Kuchishvili Street, Vere District, Tbilisi, GEORGIA

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Student Reviews

Words most commonly used to describe this centre

eti is one of the best places to train, and I was proud to have been in the Celta course with the best tutors (Tamta and Barry) as well as the headmaster, whom I really appreciate, Mrs. Leika and the rest of the compassionate and caring staff of this course. I succeeded and not only got good friends, but also had a great experience in this course. in fact, I opened my eyes to the world of learning and way of teaching and became more aware. The intimate environment does not look like a school at all, it's like a house that all make up of the members of that family, and I was aware of it because I came from Iran, and I was very comfortable there.

, DELTA All Modules student,

The tutors,the administrative staff,all are very kind,I loved them,All of them are very helpful.Thanks for everybody working in ETI.The facilities are in high standard,the location is in the centre of Tbilisi.

, CELTA student,

An eoerience I wouldn't forget. Ths tutors were incredible.

, CELTA student,


, CELTA student,

I was lucky to do this intense course in eti because tutors and the staff were so friendly and they didn't hesitate helping us to finish our course successfully . I am really thankful to all of them

, CELTA student,

Celta is an unforgettable super intensive excellent experience that any teacher needs to gain in order to get a fresh perspective on teaching.

, CELTA student,

❤Great people.❤ ❤Great tutors.❤ ❤Great country.❤ I'm going to miss all of them so much. I strongly recommend ETI Tblisi ❤😊

, CELTA student,

The course was very very helpful and helped me find my strengths and points of development and how to be well prepared for any lesson. Tutors were very supportive and friendly, tasks and input sessions were helpful.

, CELTA student,

It was a great time! This course gave me tons of new skills, techniques and of course new friends. CELTA is challenging and stressful at the beginning, but it works. It has changed my thinking mechanism, my lifestyle. I'd like to advice to everybody to try it. If you do it at ETI,Georgia, you will meet great people. Professional and patient tutors, very friendly administration and helpful and supportive staff are there. It's very easy to find it. I really enjoyed the course in ETI, Georgia as well as nice views of Tbilisi, great food and wine. Thanks you all, guys. Hope to see you again soon.

, CELTA student,

Thanks very much for the amazing tutors and amazing staff! I can't think off something better than this 🙏🏼 everyone there is very friendly and it feels like home 🤗 I am happy that I have choosen this course(ETI Georgia).

, CELTA student,

CELTA course has helped me identify my weaknesses, as well as showed me the ways how to address them. Thanks to this course I feel tangible professional improvement.

, CELTA student,

The course is incredibly practical. Experienced and high qualified tutors contributed to the fact that the course was very beneficial for me. After a while, I became aware that, the tutors were using all the techniques they were teaching us in our input sessions themselves, so you are receiving both active and passive input in terms of how the tutors managed us trainees in the classroom. In addition to the extensive feedback we received from our tutors and peers, I also loved the little feedback notes we received from our students once we finished teaching each level. It’s lovely to be told you’re ‘energetic,’ ‘fun’ and ‘should just keep going like now’ by the students you’ve been teaching. It was the experience of a lifetime…

, CELTA student,

It was very useful.

, CELTA student,

I gained a lot of useful experience while doing the course due to professional tutors and friendly atmosphere , however, there was a lot of work to do and it required much effort. But it was worthwhile.

, CELTA student,

To be honest the CELTA course exceeded my expectation.Education & Training International Ltd, provided the best comfort, convenience and friendly atmosphere throughout the working process. Thanks to ETI.

, CELTA student,


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