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We offer the full-time CELTA course and CELTA Taster Days in the beautiful and historic city of York, led by a dedicated and experienced teacher training team at BSC York. (previously English Language Centre York) The school is well known for its academic excellence, accredited by both the British Council and EAQUALS as well as being a member of the world’s leading language teaching association, English UK.
In 2015, York featured in the Top 10 Best Places to Live in the UK*. With its quaint historic streets, shops and restaurants, its city walls that still stand strong, and its safe and easy-going atmosphere, the city is a great place to learn how to teach English in the heart of England.

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Tutors were excellent. Constructive support throughout. Always ready to listen and to help. Readily available through email and Twitter. Very supportive on a personal level too.

, CELTA student,

This is a wonderful course for teachers-to-be. The tutors are professional and patient, the classmates are nice and helpful and the "students" are cooperative and inspiring. And I like the teaching methods very much. Sometimes you might think that you'd learnt little, but actually the knowledge had already been yours because the tutors didn't just give lectures but to take you as students and allow you to experience such teaching methods yourselves, and then you would use what you've got to "teach" your students, which made it more impressive and gave you some thoughts about its feasibility. And the part of commenting mutually was also good for improvement since they always gave practical comments and suggestions. Although many teaching techniques learnt are not feasible in China, the general methods and basic knowledge inspire me a lot. And of course no matter in which context, teachers should be flexible all the time. All in all, I love this course and benefit from it a lot. Maybe one day I'll go back to have the DELTA course when I need inspiration and promotion in teaching.

, CELTA student,

Our amazing tutors Helen and Pete: Have fun! Are on time and prepared. Are friendly and acknowledge students when they arrive. Encourage the student to develop good examples/discover examples provided in the text. Let the student do the work. Ask leading questions to help students learn and understand the material. Are patient and provide appropriate "think" time. Provide encouragement. Are aware of their nonverbal communication. Are aware of and acknowledge cultural differences while treating tutees consistently and with respect. Relate successful study strategies to the tutee. Use questioning rather than answering strategies. Pay attention and are sensitive to the self-esteem issues of each tutee. Are able to explain concepts from several different angles. Focus the session on the process of learning rather than on the correctness of the answer. Rotate around the room spending time evenly with students. Conduct themselves in a professional manner. Provide a safe learning environment.

, CELTA student,

The course , which was enjoyable and intense, offered a balance of practical insight and theory which allowed CELTA students to infer how they were expected to perform in the classroom. The style of language, instructions and methods used when tutors were addressing the CELTA students were great indicators as to how to grade language and effectively use the relevant techniques learned in class. Feedback sessions and peer reviews were incredibly useful when assessing your own, as well as others', lesson plans and classes. It was rewarding, intriguing and refreshing to hear different types of encouragement and improvement from tutors and fellow students on a daily basis.

, CELTA student,

I really enjoyed taking this course. The tutors were extremely supportive throughout the course. The course itself was well-organised and engaging, and I would recommend anyone with an interest in working abroad or in teaching English to consider taking the CELTA.

, CELTA student,

I'm glad I did my CELTA at York English Language Center, since the tutors there were really helpful and the course itself is very professionally organized and run. The best part was that I got a lot of chances to practice teaching which definitely helps my future career. What's more, I got quite a lot of idea of teaching activities and resources from them as well.

, CELTA student,

Taking the CELTA at ELC York was one of the best learning experiences I've had. Pete and Graham are both excellent instructors that supported my amazingly through every part of the course. The course itself is very in-depth and covers the basics of almost everything you might need to start teaching effectively. I think if you already have teaching experience it could be even more rewarding! The lesson planning practice, knowledge about language and excellent feedback you receive are fantastic.

, CELTA student,

I really enjoyed doing my CELTA there, and Pete and Graham were both incredibly helpful and supportive.

, CELTA student,

The staff were incredibly friendly and helpful. The course was well planned out and organised. Although we did have problems with student numbers in our classes this was taken into consideration by our tutors. Overall it was a fantastic experience for new and experienced teachers alike.

, CELTA student,

Fantastic course with great tutors in a lovely location. At first I didn't want to do the course here because it cost £50 more than at York st. John's university, but after doing the course here I'm glad I chose the English Language Centre and can't imagine having done it anywhere else. The only problem is that sometimes in teaching practice there weren't many students (in one lesson I only had two) which isn't so helpful for people who are taking the CELTA to work in a college or high school with large classes. Obviously the number of students who come to the teaching practice classes is a bit beyond the control of the school, and it might be the same situation at other places offering the CELTA course, but overall I think it was an extra £50 well spent. I feel well prepared for teaching and thoroughly enjoyed my time despite the intensity of the course.

, CELTA student,


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