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Catania, Italy

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around 4 weeks

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Fri 26 Jun 2020

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Thu 23 Jul 2020


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Monday - Friday 9.30am - 6pm


The course will start on a Friday and finish on a Thursday.

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Is there any cost to apply?
No. Applications are completely free. You will only be asked to pay for your course after you have been accepted.
How long does it take to apply?
The first part of the application should take around 5-15 minutes to complete.
What happens after I apply?
You will be sent the second stage of the application, specific to the school to which you have applied.
When should I apply?
As early as possible, as Cambridge English courses are limited in size and often fill up.


CELTA - Cambridge English Language Assessment's Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults is one of the world's foremost initial qualifications for people who wish to become professional teachers of English language. It is accepted throughout the world by organisations which employ English language teachers.

Cambridge English Language Assessment works with international ELT organisations to ensure the acceptance of Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) globally. According to Cambridge English Language Assessment more than 10,000 candidates complete a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) course each year.

The Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) course will be your passport into TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

ELT (English Language Teaching) was once commonly referred to as TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) but there was never a qualification known as TEFL.

The Cambridge CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) is the most widely accepted initial teaching qualification.

CELTA candidates come from all walks of life. Many are recent university graduates, but others are already qualified as teachers of other subjects or are professionals in other fields looking for a change of career or a career break.

Most candidates see CELTA as the starting point of a long-term career in English Language Teaching (ELT). CELTA is suitable for those who wish to work in the field of ELT either within or outside their own country. Some candidates may have a short-term motive for teaching English and enrol on a CELTA course to gain the confidence and skills to teach English professionally.

CELTA is also suitable for students working on gap year programmes which include teaching English to adults.

Applicants do not need to have English as their first language, but must have a standard of English which will enable them to teach at a range of levels.

There is now quite a well-established career structure within the field in the UK. As a newly qualified teacher, you might consider looking for a job which will provide you with support for two to three years then consider taking the next-level qualification DELTA (Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults). After this, you might think about moving into teacher support in the role of senior teacher. After gaining some more experience, many teachers go on to do an MA in ELT before moving into teacher training or ELT management.

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In order to provide you with the best service possible, Giga International House Catania needs to know a little about your specific situation. If you have questions, please complete an initial course application (this takes about 5 minutes). Click the red Apply button on this page, and Giga International House Catania will get back to you as soon as possible.

Giga International House is an English as a foreign language teacher training centre accredited by the University of Cambridge and the first centre in Italy authorized in 2010 to offer the online version of the course recognized CELTA worldwide. At Giga IH, high educational standards and the professional development of our staff are at the heart of our mission .


We are the only teacher training centre in Eastern Sicily and also the headquarters of AISLi (Italian Association of Language Schools - AISLi) and so we regularly receive requests for information on teachers who have completed the course with us and who would be interested in working for an AISLi school. The Academic Manager sends these job adds to all our CELTA graduates so that whoever is interested can contact the schools directly.

Accommodation can be arranged upon request. We offer our own accommodation, a fully furnished flat which can accommodate up to 5 people in self catering single rooms with shared bathrooms. We can also help find alternative arrangements. Please let us know which type of accommodation you would prefer while doing the course with us by clearly stating your preference in the application form.

In the case of cancellation six weeks or more before the course starting date, 20% of the total fee will be retained. With less than six weeks' notice, 50% of our total fee will be retained. If cancellation occurs in the final ten days before the starting date the total fee will be retained. However, in certain exceptional circumstances we will consider transferring the fees to another course. No transfer is made if notice is insufficient to allow for the finding of a substitute candidate. Please note that in all cases of cancellation we will retain 20% of fees paid, to cover administrative costs. Please ensure you have all the necessary visas/permits, where applicable, as no refund will be made should you not be able to attend the course because of visa applications being rejected.
In the event that GIGA International House Catania is forced to cancel a course, the full fees will be refunded. GIGA ih cannot however be held responsible for other costs incurred as a result of registering for the course such as travel, accommodation or the like so you are strongly advised to take out insurance.
Late Cancellations
Once the course has started, there is no possible refund. For this reason, you might consider taking out an insurance policy in order to be covered in case anything happens and you need to leave the course.

Catania is represented by three main characteristics: its charming architecture, magnificent coastline, and the one spectator who has observed Catania's centuries of changes, Mount Etna.

Catania lies in a delightful geographical position between the Ionian Sea and the slopes of Mount Etna. Sicily's second city has always had a close relationship with the volcano. Subjected to Mt. Etna's temperament, much of Catania's history is linked to its volcanic neighbor. The city was built by natural and geophysical elements, and most of the city's buildings are made from Etna's black lava.

The city was repeatedly destroyed over the centuries by eruptions and earthquakes. In 1669, the worst eruption in Catania's history occurred when Etna buried much of the city under lava that literally ran through the streets. Catania had hardly recovered when a massive earthquake leveled much of the city in 1693, creating an economic crisis.

But the people of Catania bounced back, creating an even better city, rebuilding in the Baroque style. Catania contains some of the most imaginative lava-built Baroque buildings in Sicily. The principal architects involved in the reconstruction of the city were G.B. Vaccarini, F. Battaglia, and S. Ittar. They transported the city from its medieval roots and created wide avenues and squares with splendid churches, monasteries, and imaginative buildings, all built by combining lava stone with the white calcareous stone from Siracusa, thus creating the concept of a city in "black and white". An aura of the 18th century still lingers over much of the heart of Catania as a direct result of the city's rebuilding program.

Catania is a city, both fascinating and full of surprises, for visitors who will never forget their time spent in the city. With one of the richest repositories of Baroque architecture in Europe, Catania has art treasures, church museums, and Roman ruins, well worth seeking out. The city also offers excellent year-round sporting facilities from skiing on Etna to numerous nautical activities.

Catania's excellent geographical location allows visitors easy access to the main tourist resorts on the island such as Taormina, Mount Etna, and Syracuse (Siracusa).

It is also well connected to the archaeological sites of Agrigento, Piazza Armerina, as well as Acireale and Noto, where you'll find outstanding Baroque architecture.

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9.2 / 10 (46 students)


Course Feedback

It's been the most challenging and overwhelming experience of my life and yet the best decision I've ever made! The tutors were incredibly good and made me enjoy every single session. It was definitely worth all the stress!

, CELTA student,

A very intense and hard experience, but it is totally worth it.

, CELTA student,

I went in knowing practically nothing about teaching English and, after just two weeks, I suddenly realized how much I had already learned thanks to the course. It was very tough and my group had to work non-stop for five weeks, but I got the impression that the tutors had to work as hard as us, as they provided us every day with individual feedback and quality guidance. In general, nothing on this course seemed to be left to chance, everything was meticulously planned. I feel that it has given me exactly what I needed to start my TEFL career confidently. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a high quality experience and tutors of the utmost professionality.

, CELTA student,


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