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Wroclaw, Poland

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It was a great experience. I have learned a lot of techniques that are perfectly applicable in actual classes. The tutors were great and supportive.

, CELTA Online student,

The second two weeks of the course were very challenging and it seemed that we were being trialed, not taught - I guess endurance is also a requirement to do the CELTA. The nature of the course itself is very intensive, so sometimes the organisation and the communication did not seem to help me feel that I was being supported the way I thought I would be when I chose IH Wroclaw. Nevertheless, as time passed by and I adjusted myself to the structure of the course and the tutors, especially the second one, who got to know me better, the course started to be much more exciting and enjoyable. Learning, practicing, and getting feedback were no longer an ordeal, but a constructive moment where I think we all enjoyed very much. That spurred me on to always do my best and excel in all teaching practices that were left. As a result, I think it is fair to say that this was of utmost importance to the success of the entire group.

, CELTA Online student,

The course was intensive and I had many sleepless nights, but I can honestly say that I have learnt loads and feel more confident as a teacher. I am also better equipped for teaching online (which is a huge bonus for me). The tutors were friendly, dedicated and supportive throughout the course. I couldn't ask for more! (Aug-Sept 2020, IH Wroclaw)

, CELTA Online student,

Excellent from start to finish. CELTA, established in 1962, is a finely honed course delivering every aspect of what ESL teachers need to know and be able to do. Every part of the course is purposeful and its various components mutually informing. If you have 5 weeks with nothing else on, I think the compacted CELTA experience is best, because the parts work together like gears (guided lesson planning one day, practice teaching the next; feedback on practice teaching one day, setting of personal aims for improvement in light of the feedback the next; presentation on test-teach-test (for example) in the morning, opportunity to apply it in your practice teaching session the very next day). CELTA's recent adaptation to the 100% online delivery format is a real plus for students, both in terms of the ease and cost-effectiveness of taking the course, and in terms of how prepared they will feel to deliver online teaching afterwards. The teacher-trainers at IHWroclaw are highly qualified in their field, are passionate about teaching and learning, and invest deeply in each student's development with helpful, personalized feedback. Richard and Anastasiya, the two teacher-trainers on my course, had consistent standards but contrasting teaching styles, so provided some complementary variety in the teaching we experienced as students, and a good model of how to leverage diverse personalities as a teaching asset. The course has a heavy workload and demands high standards of precision, but the result is that teachers come to know both language and the art of teaching it, to the level that paying students deserve. Most classes, I gather, will be like mine in including a mix of students who are new to teaching and who have been teaching for some years already. This means you learn as much from peers as you do from tutors. The language learners who volunteer through IH to provide a practice teaching lab for the trainee teachers are lovely to work with: motivated and extremely patient. All in all, you feel wonderfully supported as you deliver your 10 45-minute classes to real students at two different levels, so that when you face your next class outside the course, you will be a better equipped and more self-reflective teacher.

, CELTA Online student,

I have great experience at IH Wroclaw, great teachers, I have learned a lot from them. Thank you very much for all.

, CELTA student,


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