Sevastopol Exam Centre

Sevastopol Exam Centre

Sevastopol, Russia

Sevastopol Exam Centre
Sevastopol Exam Centre
Sevastopol Exam Centre
Sevastopol Exam Centre
Sevastopol Exam Centre
Sevastopol Exam Centre

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8.8 / 10

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The centre helps to to find accommodation if necessary

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Sevastopol is a beautiful city by the Black Sea with a lot of cafes and spectacular views.

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33 Lenin Street, Sevastopol, Crimea

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The course has been incredibly useful for me. It gave me a great boost both in terms of confidence about what I'm doing in the classroom, and to my overall professional development. Apart from particularly practical activities such as delivering lessons, observing my peers and discussing all these things during the feedback with tutors, I felt very engaged in the input sessions. Those contained cherry-picked well-portioned theory that was immediately put into practice. Actually, everything during that month was about practice, which is invaluable. And yes, it was very hard work, but also a lot of fun. :) That was definitely worth it! Thank you!

, CELTA student,

I have learnt new things and had a chance to observe other teachers which I think is very useful for the teacher.

, CELTA student,

I am probably the only Westerner to take the CELTA in Sevastopol since 2014; at least I was the only Westerner during the summer of 2017. CELTA is basically the same everywhere, and the teaching feedback is invaluable (though the input sessions are a bit theory-heavy). Since I've never done a CELTA anywhere else and will never need to do so again, I'll just direct my review to the non-Russian interested in saving cash by doing the course in Sevastopol. The course fee is certainly lower than in many other locations, and it's much cheaper to get a month's accommodation (I stayed at a relatively spartan hostel, but had no roommates). Make sure you can bail yourself out, if you need to do so. You will not be able to use a bank card unless it is with a Russian bank (and that only if it is an older card; I discovered my "Electron" card was unusable at ATMs, though not stores), and the resulting paucity of cash can be an issue, since Russia's is still largely a cash-based economy; this is particularly true for bus tickets. The first order of business when you get to Russia needs to be buying a plane ticket out of the peninsula for the end of the course, usually to Moscow (you can't buy one from outside the country or with a non-Russian bank card, even online). Also note there are no trains running on the peninsula (at least there weren't at the time); on my way in I had to travel St Petersburg > Moscow > Anapa by train, then Anapa > Port Krym by bus, Port Krym > Port Kavkaz by ferry, Port Kavkaz > Simferopol by bus and then a second bus Simferopol > Sevastopol. You'll need cash to buy all these tickets; I would withdraw at least fifty thousand rubles from an ATM in Moscow beforehand, and probably more like seventy-five thousand. I strongly recommend getting a neck pouch for all this cash and passport; remember, your embassy cannot bail you out!

, CELTA student,


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