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Frequently asked questions

  1. How can our school become a CELTA/DELTA centre?
  2. How can our training centre start accumulating reviews?
  3. How can I edit my centre's profile and add courses listings, info, photos, etc?
  4. How are the centre ratings calculated?
  5. How are centre rankings determined?
  6. How can our centre improve its rating/ranking?
  7. Are reviews moderated, and if so, how?

The application process for becoming a Cambridge Teaching Qualifications centre is quite long and complex. For schools interested in applying, provides a consultancy service to help you through the process as easily and quickly as possible. Please click here to contact us for further details.
To ensure authentic and reliable reviews, contacts programme graduates to enquire about their experience at participating training centres. If your training centre is interested in joining this programme, please click here to contact us for further details.
Please click here to contact us for details on gaining access to your centre's profile.
Each training centre's graduates are asked to rate the centre on 4 different topics: course tutors, administrative staff, facilities and location. These ratings are then averaged together to produce an overall rating.
While the overall centre rating is a simple average of each centre's individual graduate ratings, a centre's ranking compared to other centres is determined both by their average rating and the number of reviews they have received. Ratings for centres with more reviews are considered more trustworthy. Centres with few reviews will tend to hover around the middle of the rankings. Centres with no rating are not ranked and are thus displayed after all ranked centres.

Rating: As noted above, a centre's rating is an average of all its reviews. Reviews older than one year are excluded from this calculation, so if your centre has started to receive more positive reviews recently, this will have an even greater impact as time goes on.

Ranking: As noted above, a centre's ranking compared to other centres is determined by its average rating and the overall number of reviews it has received. Centres with good ratings and few reviews won't rise to the top until they receive enough reviews for the rating to be considered trustworthy.

All reviews are moderated before they are published. Moderation is conducted by CELTADELTA staff. Reasons for review rejection include: ad hominem criticism (e.g. the mentioning of centre staff or tutors' names in criticism), bad faith criticism (i.e. non-constructive criticism, e.g. "I didn't like the course"), incomprehensibility (reviews are not proofread in order to maintain authenticity, but incoherent or incomprehensible reviews won't be accepted) and criticism cased on Cambridge English course requirements (e.g. the necessity of written assignments).


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