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Britishey Training Centre

Damietta, Egypt

Britishey Training Centre
Britishey Training Centre
Britishey Training Centre
Britishey Training Centre
Britishey Training Centre
Britishey Training Centre

School Overview

School Description

Britishey Training Centre in Egypt is a highly regarded educator and training provider that operates with an international scope and pioneering vision. Recognised by prestigious global bodies including Cambridge Assessment English, Trinity College London and Training Qualifications UK, the centre serves as a validated provider of teacher training and other educational programs.

Located in the heart of Egypt, Britishey Training Centre strives to set unparalleled academic standards. It aims to empower educators by providing a comprehensive suite of training programs that aim to enhance teaching methodologies, language skills, and overall professional development. The centre focusses on equipping educators with the tools they need to foster engaging, inclusive, and effective teaching environments, enhancing both their individual careers and the wider academic community.

Britishey Training Centre's course offerings run the gamut from English language development to specific educational qualification programs. Validated by world-leading academic institutions, these programs uphold the highest international standards of pedagogical methods. A notable highlight of the centre is its provision of internationally recognised qualifications such as the CELTA, DELTA, and other TESOL programmes.

The centre harnesses cutting-edge educational technology to deliver its wide-ranging course portfolio. Both the teachers and learners at Britishey benefit from an interactive, engaging learning environment that incorporates digital tools and blended learning strategies, ensuring convenience and flexibility to accommodate varying circumstances.

Moreover, Britishey Training Centre in Egypt distinguishes itself through the commitment to excellence that defines every aspect of the experience it offers. From the highly qualified and seasoned faculty who deliver the programmes, to the comprehensive support services available for students, every element of Britishey is designed to deliver an unrivalled educational experience.

Through the combination of high-quality course delivery, rigorous academic standards, and a flexible, technology-based approach, Britishey Training Centre offers a transformative experience for educators, striving to effect profound positive change in the educational landscape of Egypt and way beyond.

Help with Employment

Britishey Training Centre has been renowned for its unwavering dedication to providing an excellent support system for CELTA candidates. As the CELTA certificate is globally recognised within the English Language Teaching arena, graduates from the centre find themselves best equipped for setting their careers.

Aiding in your transition from the CELTA course to a job, Britishey Training Centre offers comprehensive post-graduation support. The centre assists its candidates by facilitating CV and portfolio preparation, conducting mock interviews, and providing valuable advice on job-hunting. They constantly push their students to realise their full potential and achieve their career goals.

The essence of the centre's ability to help its graduates lies in its extensive connections. Britishey Training Centre is well-connected with numerous prestigious ELT organisations across the Middle East and the Gulf region. This not only opens up avenues for a diverse range of job opportunities for the graduates, but it also ensures that they are placed in organisations that value their skills and knowledge.

Additionally, these associations enable the centre to remain updated regarding the latest education standards, pedagogical methodologies, and teaching resources. This information is filtered down to the CELTA candidates, ensuring their education is current, effective, and globally relevant.

The high standard of training offered at Britishey has given it a strong reputation in the ELT community, ensuring that graduates from the centre are highly sought after by employers. This ensures that CELTA graduates have a myriad of opportunities in the ELT industry.

In essence, studying at Britishey Training Centre is not merely about earning a CELTA certification; it's about being part of a network that is entrenched in the world of English Language Teaching. This network of ELT professionals that span the Middle East and the Gulf, combined with the centre's robust support, provides every CELTA graduate with the ideal platform to launch a successful career.


Britishey Training Centre is proud to assist CELTA applicants coming to Damietta for face-to-face lessons by coordinating comfortable accommodations for them and putting them in contact with wonderful hotels. Applicants have the choice to stay in the splendid hotels situated in Ras Elbar peninsula - a picturesque summer haven ideally located where the Nile converges with the Mediterranean Sea. Alternatively, they can opt for accommodations in New Damietta, another charming summer locale alongside the Mediterranean. You can trust Britishey to transform your study trip into a beautiful Mediterranean experience.

Refund Policy

In the case of a cancellation four weeks or more before the course start date, 20% of our total fee will be retained. With less than two weeks’ notice, 50% of our total fee will be retained. If cancellation occurs in the final ten days before the start date, our total fee will be retained.

However, in certain exceptional circumstances, we will consider transferring the fees to another course.

In the event of a course being cancelled, all fees will be refunded.

NOTE Once the course has started, there is no possible refund. For this reason, you might consider taking out an insurance policy in order to be covered in case anything happens and you need to leave the course.

If the course is delayed or prevented by Force Majeure, then Britishey Training Centre shall NOT be liable for a refund.

Location Overview

Experience the vibrant culture, the rich history, and the beautiful landscapes of Damietta City in Egypt while expanding your career prospects and honing your teaching skills with the world-renowned Cambridge CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) course at Britishey Training Centre!

Damietta, resplendently nestled in the northeastern part of Egypt, mesmerises visitors with its stunning coastline hugging the Mediterranean Sea, the serene, mighty arms of the Nile River, and its fascinating cross-cultural heritage that intersects Arabian, Islamic, and Pharaonic civilisations. Its tranquil streets lined with palm trees, traditional markets brimming with crafts, and culinary scene offering a feast of flavours constitute a unique setting for an adventure while enriching your professional skills.

Britishey Training Centre is a hub of innovation and excellence in teacher training and is accredited by Cambridge Assessment English, which is part of Cambridge University. The CELTA course they offer represents an enriching and rigorous blend of practical teaching experience and theoretical input, equipping prospective teachers with robust methodologies to structure highly effective lessons. Engaging in interactive sessions under the supervision of experienced trainers, you will embrace a new confidence and proficiency that will have international recruiters knocking on your door.

This isn't just a career-changing opportunity; it's a life-changing one. The friendships you'll form, the cultural experiences you'll live, the sights you'll explore – all while developing your prestigious CELTA qualification – create an unforgettable, enriching chapter in your life.

Embark on a sun-drenched journey of learning and growth in Damietta, a city that encapsulates Egypt's enchanting history and local friendliness. Imagine studying amidst a city that breathes history, culture, and displays a heartwarming mix of tradition and cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Grow as a teacher and as an individual at Britishey Training Centre in Damietta, where the mystical allure of Egypt and world-class educational services harmoniously blend to foster a unique learning experience. Your CELTA journey in Damietta is more than just an academic pursuit - it's a culturally enriching adventure beckoning you. Come, join us for an experience of a lifetime. Upgrade your skills. Explore Damietta. Discover yourself.

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In order to provide you with the best service possible, Britishey Training Centre needs to know a little about your specific situation. If you have questions, please first select a course from the list on the this page. You can always change course dates later.

School Address

Sixth Floor, Borj Alaelddin for International Trade, Bab Alharas Square, Damietta, Egypt.
Damietta Governorate

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