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CELT Athens
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CELT Athens

Graduate Ratings

9.5 / 10

(35 student reviews)

School Overview

School Description

CELT Athens is a centre dedicated to teacher education and has been running since 1993.

It is owned and run by Marisa Constantinides, a teacher educator, writer, blogger and keynote speaker of international reputation.

CELT is in Athens, Greece and has recently moved to modern, spacious premises in the heart of the city.

The high quality of instruction and the excellence in Cambridge CELTA and Delta results, have made CELT an international destination with candidates from around the globe.

Our online courses in a live classroom, have become hugely popular attracting candidates who prefer to be able to see and talk to their tutors rather than be faced with an asynchronous and faceless learning management system.

We are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in English Language Teaching and Teacher Education through ensuring

- Excellence in tutors
- Excellence in resources
- Excellence in support systems

The centre is especially supportive to its trainees, and offers:

- Multilingual classes of adults where our candidates can observe and be observed while teaching.

- Strong course support through course dedicated websites with resources, sample assignments and videotaped seminars for preparation and revision. Our trainees have access to these resources for life.
- Free internet access
- Use of PC's and printing for lesson preparation and materials design
- An updated library and resources, which have received high praise by all Cambridge Assessors.
- Continued support after the end of our courses through our online communities and connections with institutions and individuals worldwide.

Our past trainees receive guidance on how to join the international ELT community and to build interesting and rewarding careers.

Indeed, our social media presence is one of the strongest worldwide with a network reaching out to teachers around the globe.

Help with Employment

CELT Athens has excellent local and international connections with foreign language centres and job recruitment agencies worldwide. It has a very strong presence in all the social networking sites as well as an online website for its trainees to network with schools and leave their CV and samples of work.

Special guidance is given on creating efficient resumes and contacting employers.

More recently, we have been working directly with recruitment companies - our trainees are also closely networked in a closed community where jobs and career opportunities are regularly posted.


Shared flats are sublet to two or three trainees at a very reasonable cost, ranging from 300 to 350 euros per person with water, electricity and wifi included in the price.

Refund Policy

Our refund policy is clearly outlined in each course application form and candidates are required to read carefully and sign before they submit their application.

Location Overview

We are very pleased and happy to show off our new premises.

Information about the new CELT PREMISES

Our new school location is even more central than before and our school classes have some great features:

- large and well lit classrooms
- air-conditioning in all school areas
- interactive whiteboards and internet access in every classroom.
- facilities for the disabled and a disabled friendly environment.
-a students' common room
Information about Athens

Athens, Greece, is a friendly, safe and welcoming, yet exciting and modern European city with so much to do in its present and see of its past.

Athens is very close to a great coastline of beaches - for summer candidates, this is a great and easy getaway from the hard work on the course!

It's also very easy to jump on a boat and find yourself on one of the most famous Greek islands in under two hours!

Hydra, Spetsae, Aegina, are great and very easily accessible destinations.

Mykonos and Santorini, magnificent Greek islands, can be reached by hydrofoil or low priced domestic flight equally easily.

Athens is a great destination to complete your CELTA and give yourself the gift of short breaks or a short holiday at either end of the course.

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Contact CELT Athens

In order to provide you with the best service possible, CELT Athens needs to know a little about your specific situation. If you have questions, please first select a course from the list on the this page. You can always change course dates later.

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Student Reviews

Words most commonly used to describe this centre

The long days, the late nights, the workload and being observed while teaching were all the things I dreaded before starting the CELTA course. CELT Athens however made the whole experience as memorable as it could have been. I wish I had done it sooner. I will never forget the insightful tutors, and the fun and supportive team of peers I was lucky to be a part of. Feedback sessions were of special importance to me as they played a massive part in the refining, sharpening process towards becoming a better teacher than when I started the course. I think the best thing you can take with you on the CELTA course is a humble, teachable attitude in order to go home as enriched as possible and absorb as much as you can. Marisa and the tutors were very professional and were always available to assist if you needed anything. I feel truly blessed and I still feel overwhelmed by the lovely, familiar atmosphere that was created during what seemed to be the longest month of my life. I would choose to do the CELTA at CELT Athens again in a heartbeat.

, CELTA student,

It has been an excellent experience!

, CELTA student,

It was an intensive course with outstanding tutors.

, CELTA student,

The team at CELT Athens are outstanding. I was so impressed by the breadth and depth of experience of the team, and learned so much from them during my time there. They are all very experienced trainers, and just very nice people, and they support you to be the best you can be. The school also has a fantastic location, right in the centre of Athens and easily accessible. Within walking distance to great restaurants, bars and more traditional sightseeing spots if that's your thing! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend CELT Athens to anyone considering a CELTA or DELTA.

, DELTA Blended student,

Great environment, very helpful tutors that supported and encouraged me all the way! I learned a lot and would definitely recommend this centre to other candidates!

, DELTA Blended student,

Doing the DELTA course was a challenging but at the same time rewarding experience. It helped me improve my teaching practice and experiment with new teaching methods. The tutors at CELT Athens are highly experienced people who are always willing to support and guide their trainees. I particularly enjoyed the enlightening feedback sessions during which my tutors and I were engaged in absolutely constructive discussions that made me clearly see what areas I need to focus and work on so as to develop further. CELT Athens has recently moved to new premises in the heart of Athens with spacious and fully equipped classrooms (e.g. laptops, OHPs, Interactive Whiteboards etc.). There is also access to lots of supplementary materials and useful resources such as sample assignments and valuable books in the library. CELT Athens is highly recommended! Go for it!

, DELTA All Modules student,

A thoroughly enjoyable experience to have committed to the Celt Athens CELTA course. Hard work is required, so a supportive environment is most appreciated!

, CELTA student,

It was really nice! My comment regarding the facilities is not about the new building!

, CELTA student,

I loved every minute of it. Great Tutors worked their sock off to make it a good experience for students, while keeping the rigour of the course. A lovely bunch!

, CELTA student,

The entire course was extremely professional, demanding, and very well run.

, CELTA student,

I was very satisfied by the overall quality of the programme. The tutors could effectively deliver the course and I felt supported at all times. I definitely enriched my knowledge and became a better teacher. The centre is well equipped and in a convenient location in te centre of Athens, metro and train station is within walking distance.

, CELTA student,

My one month stay at Athens, with CELT Athens, was nothing short of wonderful. I was well looked after by the administrative staff ( thank you Vassilis & Lisa) and given tremendous academic support by my tutors George & Marisa. I couldn't have asked for anything more. I would recommend this course in a heartbeat!

, DELTA Blended student,

A tough four weeks that felt enjoyable and manageable thanks to the well organised course and amazing tutors!

, CELTA student,

The online Delta course was a true revelation for me. Wish I had done it earlier in life, when I didn't have so many family commitments. Made me feel like I'm actually enjoying teaching again after having taught for about 20 years. Great turors who really know their stuff and truly care about every individual trainee. If you have the chance, don't even think about doing a Delta/Celta elsewhere.

, DELTA Blended student,

The course is extrremely well-designed, and sufficiently demanding. I was particularly impressed by the course tutors' knowledge and experience, and also their dedication to what they are doing. I am very grateful to both the DELTA course tutors, and the CELTA course tutors, who were also happy to give advice during the time spent in Athens. As a result, I have already recommended the course to several colleagues, and my son is considering doing the CELTA with CELT Athens.

, DELTA Blended student,

Although the course was really demanding and challenging ( it was the 4-week one), I enjoyed every minute of it. The trainers were amazing and they helped me become a better teacher giving me constructive feedback.

, CELTA student,

Despite being very intensive and demanding I really appreciated the support from my tutors. I

, CELTA student,

Exceptional experience in a great place!! Going back for the Delta!!!!

, CELTA student,

It was such a wonderful experience as I learned a lot about planning and preparation. The tutors were helpful. They spared no effort to help trainees develop their teaching skills.

, CELTA student,

Highly recommended for all who teach or want to teach English!!!

, CELTA student,

Challenging experience

, CELTA student,


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