IH Kyiv (International House Kyiv)

IH Kyiv (International House Kyiv)

Kyiv, Ukraine

IH Kyiv (International House Kyiv)
IH Kyiv (International House Kyiv)
IH Kyiv (International House Kyiv)
IH Kyiv (International House Kyiv)
IH Kyiv (International House Kyiv)
IH Kyiv (International House Kyiv)

Graduate Ratings

9.3 / 10

(20 student reviews)

School Overview

School Description

International House Kyiv has been running teacher training courses since 1994 and became the first Cambridge CELTA training center in Ukraine in 2005. Since then we have trained more than 400 CELTA candidates, 8 Delta ones and 15 CELTA trainers.
In addition to CELTA & Delta courses we offer a wide range of International House teacher training courses.
If you are looking for a quality experience in a friendly and professional atmosphere and willing to get the best quality for your investments - International House Kyiv is the best place to consider.

Help with Employment

Most of our teachers are our CELTA/Delta courses graduates. There are loads of employment opportunities within the local market. We provide consultancy service.


Accommodation: the centre provides help with accommodation on request.
For more information about accommodation please email us:

Refund Policy

In order to register for teh course, the candidate needs to pay 30% deposit. If the candifate's plans have changed, we return the deposit a month before the course starts

Location Overview

Kyiv is the capital and most populous city of Ukraine, located in the north-central part of Ukraine on the river Dnieper. The population is about 3 million of people. It's the 7th most populous city in Europe.
Kyiv is an important industrial, scientific, educational and cultural center of Eastern Europe. It is home to many high-tech industries, higher education institutions, and world-famous historical landmarks. The city has an extensive infrastructure and highly developed system of public transport, including the Kiev Metro.

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In order to provide you with the best service possible, IH Kyiv (International House Kyiv) needs to know a little about your specific situation. If you have questions, please first select a course from the list on the this page. You can always change course dates later.

School Address

Starokyivska str 10-G, Business centre Vector, 3rd floor, International House Kyiv, 04116, Kyiv, Ukraine

Upcoming Courses

CELTA (What is CELTA?)

01 Jul 2024 - 26 Jul 2024 Details
29 Jul 2024 - 23 Aug 2024 Details

DELTA (What is DELTA?)

Module 2
15 Jul 2024 - 23 Aug 2024

Student Reviews

Words most commonly used to describe this centre

"The CELTA course at IH Kyiv surpassed my expectations in every aspect. The content was comprehensive, relevant to real-world teaching scenarios, ensuring I gained practical skills I could immediately apply in the classroom. The tutors Tanya and Svitlana were exceptional, providing invaluable guidance, support, and constructive feedback throughout the course, which greatly enhanced my learning experience. Their dedication to our success was evident in their tireless efforts to ensure we not only met but exceeded the course objectives. Their commitment to growing a collaborative and supportive learning environment made the journey truly memorable. Overall, enrolling in the CELTA course at IH Kyiv was one of the best decisions I've made for my teaching career."

, CELTA student,

CELTA is a must for a non-native speaker trying to emerge into TEFL.

, CELTA Online student,

It was a great experience I'll never forget. Yes, it was hard and daunting at times, but with all the support from our great tutors, Tania and Nick, we managed to do it! The staff was friendly and helpful, and we had all the facilities we needed. Life will never be the same after Delta 2, so if you're brave and ambitious, this course is for you!

, DELTA Module 2 student,

Although the course was really intensive and hard, the experience itself was one of the best I have ever had. Tutors were very supportive and caring. They were always there for us. I have learned alot from them. I strongly recommend this center for the course and I wish to come again for more courses in the near future.

, DELTA Module 2 student,

For me taking CELTA course in IH Kyiv was the most exciting period of my life. It was like a light in the darkness, although I have been teaching English for many years, only here I got the "true taste" of teaching. There was a wonderful team of 12 participants, super professional trainers and their assistants (future CELTA trainers). I had an opportunity to observe professional teachers ' lessons as well as my peers' ones. Now I know my strong and weak points in teaching and have got a lot of useful input information materials available in my thick folder which I can refer to in the future. And this course encouraged me to continue my development as a teacher. O. Malkova, CELTA trainee, June 2019

, CELTA student,


, CELTA student,

It's been challenging but most useful and inspiring experience, one of the best trainings I have taken in my more than twenty-year-long teaching career.

, CELTA student,

This course is definitely worth taking. It was very useful to observe the teachers. I learned a lot of new information and got new teaching skills. The trainers were qualified, supportive and knowledgeable. All the necessary facilities were available (the laptops, a big variety of books etc.) I would recommend this course for everyone. For me, it was the most valuable experience in my life. It's worth it.

, CELTA student,

Other than passing, I didn't have any real expectations regarding the course. Regardless, I was thrilled by the level of high-quality teaching/tutors, administrative support, and facilities. The combination of Tetiana (Tanya) & Amir as CELTA tutors was great: their knowledge, different yet complementary teaching styles, and levity provided an environment conducive to learning (they're both engaging, open, & have a sense of humor, but from different angles). And the CELTA teacher trainees (trainee tutors) were also readily available, supportive, and involved throughout the course. The facilities included a teachers room with a high-speed internet equipped computer, a printer/copier/scanner that CELTA students were not only welcome to use, but encouraged to do so. Both "teaching practice" rooms had high-speed internet equipped computers. There were also projectors, a "smart board," Wi-Fi, a small kitchen, a coffee & snack vending machine, etc. I think one of the biggest annoyances regarding I.H. Kyiv is that most of the doors are security card protected, so if you don't have a card, every time you want to enter a room, you have to get someone who works at I.H. to open it for you. It's not that big of a deal, but it did get annoying at times.

, CELTA student,

Learned alot and it was great value for the experience. Great class dynamic and a welcoming environment.

, CELTA student,

There were sleepless nights, no social life, a lot of chocolate and coffee. But there were also eleven other incredibly interesting people, two fantastic tutors and a sense of unity. That was my experience on the Cambridge CELTA in a nutshell. My personal highlight from studying for CELTA was the language immersion class that we did in Arabic, to make us appreciate the difficulties both of being an ‘absolute beginner’ when learning a language, and of teaching students with absolutely no prior knowledge of the language. The session was exclusively in Arabic, but I was staggered by how much we all learnt in that time. I loved the teaching practice sessions where we could apply the skills, we had learnt in a real classroom situation with real students. Another great opportunity was being able to observe experienced teachers do their magic in the classroom. None of what I’ve achieved and plan to in the future would have been possible without completing CELTA. The course is very demanding but it’s well worth it. They will be four short weeks, but I guarantee, their effect will be felt for a long time.

, CELTA student,

I learned a lot and got a job

, CELTA student,

It'd have been great if the tutors were a bit friendlier and fairer in their decisions. Overall the course was very useful and informative, although stressful.

, CELTA student,


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