International House Torres Vedras|Lisbon

International House Torres Vedras|Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal

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9.3 / 10

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IH Portugal is one of the founder members of the International House World Organisation. The Lisbon centre is part of IH Torres Vedras, a school which has a rich tradition of training and developing teachers. IH has been running CELTA courses in Lisbon since 1972 - we run an average of 11 courses a year. As a rule, those who want to do the course as quickly as possible, take the 4-week option while the 5-week option attracts those who want a little bit more thinking time and a slightly more leisurely pace. We also offer part-time face-to-face and online/blended courses,

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Lisbon is a wonderful, vibrant city that is currently attracting many people from abroad. There are many exciting reasons why people come here such as the sunshine and beaches, the culture, the nightlife, the food and the people.

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Rua João Chagas 10a
1500-493 Lisboa

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CELTA (What is CELTA?)

14 Jan 2019 -
15 Feb 2019
11 Feb 2019 -
28 Jun 2019
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05 Apr 2019
23 Apr 2019 -
24 May 2019
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28 Jun 2019
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09 Mar 2020
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Student Reviews

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Yes, there is a high price tag for this course but it is because of the depth of knowledge and experience you obtain upon completion. I actually miss having my tutors watch my classes! I am now teaching fulltime in SEA. The class sizes are quite large but with the methods and skills I learned with this course I feel confident everytime I walk into the classroom. The system and procedures this school used really work and the attention from the tutors was so genuine and helpful!

, CELTA student,

The administrative procedures and the course itself are organized efficiently and clearly. From the beginning, tutors have sent us precise guidelines and suggestions to help us prepare for the course. I have found the pre-course information and learning task particularly useful. Don't forget to read 'Learning Teaching' by J. Scrivener, which is an amazing book not only for the course but also for your future as a teacher. The first week is the hardest part but, if you keep following your tutor's feedback you don't need to worry. Despite the fact that you are being observed from colleagues and tutors the whole time the most rewarding moment is when you are actually teaching your students. The CELTA course is hard work but it is absolutely worth doing.

, CELTA student,

An excellent experience from start to finish, the course was well organized, enjoyable and comprehensive. The tutors were dedicated to excellence, supportive and highly professional throughout. I highly recommend this course to anyone contemplating taking a CELTA course.

, CELTA student,


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