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School Overview

School Description

Established in 1954, Studio Cambridge is the oldest language school in the city. Recognised by the British Council and a member of English UK, we are also an authorised centre for the CELTA course. We have had a CELTA teacher training programme for over 20 years and we currently offer intensive, 4-week CELTA courses in February and November each year.
The CELTA course is intensive, running from approximately 0915 to 1730 hours each day, Monday to Friday. The evenings and weekends will be spent on written assignments and on lesson planning.

Input Sessions
There will be approximately 60 hours of input sessions focusing on language awareness, teaching skills, methodology, phonology and professional development. This will mirror the teaching techniques trainees will be expected to use themselves in Teaching Practice.

There will be 6 – 7 hours of observation of lessons given by experienced teachers. While you will be required to teach only at two levels, generally Pre-intermediate and Upper Intermediate, you will have the opportunity to observe a broader range of levels.

Assessment on the CELTA course is continuous and integrated. The assessed components of the course are the teaching practice and the assignments. Trainees are kept up to date with their development and you should be in no doubt as to how you are doing throughout the course. You will receive both written and spoken feedback on teaching practice and on assignments, as well as in tutorials.

Small classes
The course is limited to twelve participants with two to three tutors who will share the input sessions and the supervision of teaching practice.

Personal support and encouragement
You will find your tutors approachable and supportive. They will be on hand for advice and encouragement.

Help with Employment

In the final week of the course, candidates have sessions on Cultural Awareness, Professional Development and on Teaching at Home and Abroad. In addition to a job board where recent posts are advertised, extensive advice is given as to where the newly qualified teachers can find job-related information. This includes publications, web sites, organisations etc.

Studio is proud of its CELTA graduates and has a long history of offering
many of them work, particularly in the busy summer period. This has been a most rewarding experience and to the mutual satisfaction of everyone concerned.


The centre can arrange accommodation in a residence or homestay accommodation.
Homestay Accommodation:
There are three types of homestay accommodation:
Homestay Three Star: Regular family housing, offering good clean accommodation. Approximately 90% of our host families have a 3 star rating.
Homestay Four Star: Large, luxury bedroom, often with a double bed or television but without en-suite (shared bathroom with host family).
Homestay Five Star: Executive- standard, usually a large house and typically providing a bathroom for private use.
What can you expect from your Homestay accommodation?
• Single Rooms - For your privacy and comfort, we provide only single study bedrooms (although twin rooms are available if requested).
• Meals: Your hosts will provide you with breakfast and dinner each day from Monday to Friday and all meals at weekends. (Lunch is served from Monday to Friday in the Studio cafe, at a small additional cost).
• Laundry: Your hosts will change your bed linen and wash your clothes at least once per week.
• Other students in the Homestay - Often, there will be another Studio student staying with the same host as you.
• How we select our hosts - Studio hosts are selected because they are friendly people who provide a warm, welcoming environment where you will feel at home.
• Our Accommodation Office uses established criteria in selecting homestays. Each host is visited at least once a year when we gather, and then continuously up-date, the following information about each host:
• Personal details - names of all members of the family; their occupations and personal interests; the ages, school details and interests of the children, if any; if anyone in the house smokes and their attitude to smoking; if they have pets; whether they can cater for special diets, such as vegetarian, halal, or gluten-free; whether any other languages are spoken at home
• The Home - Location; distance from school; walking, cycling or bus routes to school; type of home (house, apartment); size and style; number of bedrooms; type of bedrooms and facilities; number of bathrooms; facilities (garden, TV etc)
Homestay Accommodation fees 2019
Host family 3* : £175.00 per week
Host family 4* : £215.00 per week
Host family 5* : £275.00 per week

Residential Accommodation:
Tripos Court
Tripos Court is a modern residence located in a newly-developed area of Cambridge, opposite a large cinema and bowling complex with supermarkets, a music/theatre venue, banks and supermarkets. It is a 10 minute walk from our main school.
The residence has been recently refurbished to a very high standard and offers single en-suite bedrooms and shared kitchen/living areas.
There are on-site laundry facilities and bed linen is changed once per week. Students should bring their own towels.
This self-catering residence is only available to students aged 18+
Price : 240 GBP per week
Please note that there is a refundable security deposit of £100. This should be paid in cash on arrival to your warden and will be returned on the day of departure.

Refund Policy

The full cost of the course is £1,450. This comprises:

Registration and assessment fee £150
Tuition fee £1,300

The fees must be paid as follows:
At the time of accepting the offer of a place on the course: Full amount or £150.00 registration and
assessment fee
No less than 4 weeks before the start of the course: Remaining fees, if any

Studio Cambridge reserves the right to cancel your enrolment if the balance of fees has not been received by the due date.

Cancellations and withdrawals:

After the payment of the Registration and assessment fee has been made, there are no refunds for the cancellation of the course, for a no-show, or for early withdrawal from the course.

Under very limited circumstances, such as serious illness, or bereavement in your family, Studio Cambridge will consider allowing you to withdraw and re-take the course at a later date. If this is allowed, the replacement course will be offered at no additional cost or at a reduced additional cost according to individual circumstances.

Details and Comparisons

Contact Studio Cambridge

In order to provide you with the best service possible, Studio Cambridge needs to know a little about your specific situation. If you have questions, please first select a course from the list on the this page. You can always change course dates later.

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CELTA (What is CELTA?)

02 Nov 2020 - 27 Nov 2020 Details

Student Reviews

Words most commonly used to describe this centre

I have had an amazing experience at the Studio Cambridge in Cambridge and I’m grateful to my teachers and my courses colleagues. I owe them a lot for my progress on this course and my career in general.

, CELTA student,

It ran smoothly, the tutors were supportive and ensured we completed everything on time.

, CELTA student,

Celta is a very intensive and highly demanding course, without the support and competence of tutors it would be impossible to pass. At Studio Cambridge tutors and staff are helpful and always available. It has been a fantastic experience. Thank you!

, CELTA student,

It’s been a very challenging month but I have learn so many useful and practical things. I would recommend this course to anyone who is really passionate about teaching!

, CELTA student,


, CELTA student,

I thought the course was fantastic and the tutors were all incredibly supportive, enthusiastic and honest with feedback. The course was really challenging but very rewarding and I feel ready to teach!

, CELTA student,

I really enjoyed the course. The tutors were prepared to answer any question or doubt and they helped me a lot during my TP's feedback. I really recommend this school for future Celta trainees.

, CELTA student,

I found the course extremely intense and stressful. I felt that the time pressures for every assignment and lesson plan were the main source of stress. It often felt as though there was not enough time to plan the lessons as thoroughly as I would have liked. Having said this, I thought the course was fantastic. We learnt so many useful skills and such useful knowledge which I feel is essential to my competence and confidence as a teacher. I entered the course never having taught before, and left feeling that I know what to do, and how to approach teaching in a constructive way. The tutors were extremely supportive and knowledgeable. I feel like I learnt from excellent, experienced teachers. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone who asks me.

, CELTA student,

Very good course with friendly and helpful staff.

, CELTA student,

Very intense and without tutors support it will be impossible to achieved.

, CELTA student,

Really friendly and helpful tutors, interesting mix of students, good facilities and convenient location. Would reccomend

, CELTA student,

A truly intensive and very thorough course, given the length of time - far superior to other ways of getting a TEFL qualification

, CELTA student,

Very good overall, great tutors and everything clearly explained and detailed throughout the course

, CELTA student,

Great structure ans great tutors

, CELTA student,

I learned so much from this course. The tutors were fantastic - very knowledgeable about teaching and about the linguistic elements. Studio Cambridge had a fun and collegial atmosphere.

, CELTA student,

I definitely gained a lot more from the course than had originally expected. Teaching students of different levels was very beneficial and the morning sessions were very informative with alternative approaches to teaching methods, particularly towards differences in cultures within the same class.

, CELTA student,

The course exceeded my expectations. I was especially impressed by the calibre of the course tutors. Definitely recommended.

, CELTA student,

The course exceeded my expectations! I am very much satisfied with it. The Instructors / Trainers: • were helpful when I had difficulties or questions • provided meaningful feedback on my work • provided meaningful guidance on my progress/work • encouraged student contributions • provided opportunities for class participation • encouraged critical engagement with the material • encouraged student questions and participation The course • provided an appropriate balance between instruction and practice • provided a mixture of explanation and practice • The course instructions (including, manuals, handouts, etc.) were clear • developed my ability to interact with diverse groups of people • helped me make progress in my acquisition of the language • developed my communication/presentation skills • gave me a deeper insight into the topic

, CELTA student,

Inspiring, supportive and enthusiastic tutors, in a beautiful school that is very accessible.

, CELTA student,

Really helpful, interesting and enjoying experience!

, CELTA student,

Had a wonderful time and met some great people. TP was my favourite part.

, CELTA student,

Excellent tutors and an enjoyable course. Loved it.

, CELTA student,


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